jueves, 29 de noviembre de 2018

the devil and tom walker and the values of thankfulness and trustworthiness

The devil and tom walker

So in this entry I’ll be talking about the relationship found on the story the devil and to walker and the values of trustworthiness and being thankful.
Ok so before we begin to discuss the relationship of said values we first must comprehend what those values mean or what they stand for.

Trustworthiness. Is when something or someone is worthy of your trust

Thankfulness. is when you are grateful towards someone or something who did something for you

Now that we know what those values mean we can begin to make the connection between them and the characters and the actions said characters perform.

The Devil. So at first glance one may say that the devil does not show any values based on the sole assumption that since he is the devil he is not supposed to have any values. However, I differ upon closer inspection we can clearly see he displays a small hint of trustworthiness in the moment we see him made the offer to tom in the swamp we see that tom at first refuses the offer or at least doesn’t accepts it right away so the devil doesn’t pressure him on accepting he lets tom go having a small hint of trust that he will eventually return to the swamp and make the pact with him.
On the other had the devil doesn’t display any sign what so ever of being thankful towards no one and well why should he be he’s the devil after all we would he be thankful.

Tom’s wife. Tom’s wife out of all the characters is the one that displays the least values in the whole story she is definitely not trustworthy since she hides all of the valuable pottery and silverware away from toms reach so he may not take it and constantly argues with her husband even to the point ere their arguments reach the physical mistreatment of each other.

And about being thankful she never displays at any point any thankfulness at all she is definitely not thankful with her husband for standing her rude behavior or for maintaining her for so long and she is assuming they met is never clarified in the story she ids not thankful with the devil.

Tom walker. And last but certainly not least we have the main character Tom Walker himself now tom shows thankfulness towards the devil when he quote on quote kills or well gets rid of tom’s wife he is thankful to old scratch which is a nickname for the devil that he got rid of that burden for him, he is also thankful when the devil offers his pact and gives him the task of going to Boston and become a money lender which lends money at a high return rate only to bankrupts his costumers and tom goes along with this he is thankful with the devil because of all the money and riches he has given him although later  on tom wasn’t thankful with him when he realizes that eventually the devil will come to demand his payment toms soul to be exact and at that point tom stops being thankful with the devil.
And now about trustworthiness we can clearly see tom walker is not trustworthy at all he cheats his costumers just to enrich himself that doesn’t seem a trustworthy guy in my opinion but the value of trustworthiness is displayed in the story in the sense that tom thought for a time that he could trust in the devil or well he thought that the devil was trustworthy because of all the riches he promised him this ultimately proved to be toms undoing.
That is the relationship I found on this story that relates to the values of trustworthiness and thankfulness over all the message the author wanted to send has to do with these values as well since I believe the message was that very few people in this world are trustworthy and we must be thankful for those who truly are worthy of our trust.

Thank you.

viernes, 21 de septiembre de 2018

Shadows of the past

The rain fell on the pizzeria the night was just starting to set in. the building was old it had been almost a year since it was shut down. Michael however he didn’t care about the rain or the fact that it was already midnight he needed to enter that pizzeria no matter what although he may not admit he was terrified with the thought of entering that place again, it had just been 5 year since it was shut down due to the mysterious reports of some kids that had gone missing in the restaurant it still gave him the creeps to think about that.
 he took a deep breath and entered the pizzeria he opened his back pack and took out a flashlight taking a deep breath he filled himself up with courage and entered the abandoned building the roof leaked with rain water as Michael went deeper in the pizzeria after a few minutes he stared to feel as if he was not alone as if he was being watched he also heard voices echoes of things he remembered and that he rather would rather forget “come on Michael it will be fun” a voice echoed deep in Michael’s thought’s as he heard it he started to remember some memories when he was younger and he and his friends always played in the pizzeria but that was until the incident.   
quickly Michael snapped out of the memory and entered the manager’s office he opened his bag once again and took out a letter from his father it said “son I know you have many questions but I promise that al the answers lie in here 22,03,18” Michael searched the office and as he did he remembered when he stayed late helping his father in the pizzeria and also how in one of those occasion’s he heard someone screaming in the basement  as a lighting struck outside Michael again snapped out of the memory and continue searching and he found it the safe, he typed the numbers his father gave him in the letter 22,03,18 as the safe opened Michael felt a cold breeze in his neck as if something was breathing in his neck he quickly turned around and saw nothing “perhaps I’m being paranoid” he said to himself he turned back to the safe and it was empty there was nothing in it except for a small envelope he grabbed and opened it in there there was a small voice recorder with a paper attached to it that said play me and a small golden key he took both and pressed the play button on the recorder Michael ” hey kid I know you want answers right now and you will get them but you might have to do something you don’t like you see that key that you have on your hand right now yhea that’s the key to the basement now I know you haven’t gone down there since the incident but I promise you down there are the answers you seek son”.
 a feeling of dreed consumed Michael the idea of going down there after the incident was unthinkable but his curiosity got the better of him he armed himself with courage but as he grabbed the door he heard voices once more “heeeeeelp Michael help us please” “Alex is that you I’m coming buddy” he tried to ignore the memory’s that began to flood him about the dreadful night of the incident as he opened the door he remembered the cries from his friends the door opens and before him lies the stairs to the basement as he pointed his flashlight down he pressed the play button on the recorder again and another message from his father started playing “I know things where never the same after that night you went down there but you never where to go down there but don’t worry soon ill make things right son you’ll play with your friends again”,
as the message ended Michael reached the basement he was shacking that dreadful place brought him a thousand bad memories of the night he last saw his friends another memory came to his mind “Alex,Rachel,Barry where are you guys this isn’t funny ahhhhhhhhhhhh”,“ Michael son come here you shouldn’t be down here” his father said as he took Michael upstairs and locked the door behind him and told him “ never go down there again son” Michael was going mad he cried out in desperation “ stopppp what are you hiding damn it “,” he was hiding us Michael “ as he heard a voice coming from the dark corners of the basement a horrible feeling of dread consumed him entirely as he recognized that voice he may have not have heard it in a long time but for him it was clear as day “¿Rachel?” “ yes Michael it’s been to long but we are still here” Michael was terrified but had to ask “ ¿we? “, “hello buddy it’s us “he heard two more voices behind him a long with a terrifying sound of a door closing as Michael turned he looked in horror as he saw a nightmarish sight the voices he heard came from animal suits that were approaching him and a horrible memory came to mind “nooo please I hate those animal suits there scary “, “I will never understand why you are always scared of those suits “.
 he remembered those horrible animal suits he always hated them when he was a kid as he pointed his flashlight to one of the suits he nearly puked as he saw blood coming out of the mouth and eyes Michael was speechless he ran for the door but the door didn’t open no matter how hard he tried and the recorder began to play the last message “I did this for you son now you and you’re friends can play forever I will put you all back together” he was crying in fear pure cold and unimaginable fear as he tried desperately to open the door he felt something grabbing him as he turned around he saw an empty animal suit and he now knew what was going to happen “, no guys please why are you doing this to me nooo please”,” you could not save us Michael but we forgive you now we will play forever we will put you back together”
Michael pleaded for them to stop but it was too late before he could notice he had been stuffed inside the empty animal suit as he tried to run for the door he felt the springs from the suit stabbed  him he started to feel his blood spill out every step he took another spring stabbed him the pain was unbearable as he felt to the ground in agonizing in pain he screamed for help but just like the night of the incident no one ever came to save him and Michael desperate cries for help browed in the sounds of lighting and rain outside.

domingo, 2 de septiembre de 2018



Colombia, one of the most controversial countries in the world for its situation with guerillas and drug dealers however these significant problems don’t take away from Colombia’s colorful and beautiful culture or from its breath taking and extremely beautiful flora and fauna Colombia is home to some of the most impressive flowers and plant life in the world some of wich are only found in Colombia along with its impressive plant life that took away the imagination of the Spanish conquistadors years ago Colombia is home to many a unique species of animals not found in other parts of the planet form the beautiful parrots to the elusive jaguar to the mysterious pink dolphin to the mighty anaconda these are some of the few creatures that dwell in this country these very unique fauna is thanks to the many biomes found in this country like the breath taking Andes mountain rage that runs throw the heart of this country or the legendary and mystic amazon jungle home to thousands of miles of virgin unexplored jungle and of course Colombia is surrounded by the 2 oceans the blue depths of the Atlantic and the endless deep blue pacific ocean thus country may suffer from a few problems but as one of south Americas most rich and most beautiful countries I must say with all honesty I can muster theirs nowhere I’d rather live

Although Colombia is not that big of a country it does have quite a number of beautiful city’s one of which im quiet proud to say it’s my home Barranquilla now I now that it’s not the most beautiful nor the most safe but although people may not see it at first sight or not see it at all this city has a lot of potential it is my personal opinion that this city has a huge growth potential possibly in a few years it may become one of the most advanced city’s in Colombia however I believe that the potential that these city has is sadly wasted by corrupt politicians however that’s not to say that Barranquilla has not progressed throughout the years in my 17 years of living in this city I must say it has changed quiet rapidly however I have the ambition to think that this city could grow faster however I won’t complain too much about this im content to see how this city is growing and progressing through the years and there’s no question in my mind that in a not son distant future this city could be the crown jewel of the Atlantic coast of Colombia

Seeing as Barranquilla by no means is the safest city in Colombia im very fortunate to live in a rather good neighborhood it’s not the safest place in town but its home I have all I need relatively close the gym is just around the corner and so is Mc Donald’s there’s at least seven to ten restaurant’s in the neighborhood along with a couple of groceries stores it’s rather safe I’ve only lived like three maybe four robbery’s in this neighborhood in seventeen years so it’s not that bad it could be worst I guess I don’t think I’d like to move from here this neighborhood is not perfect but I have everything I need close to me also I forgot to mention that most t of my friends live around here so what more could I ask for well d like that my girlfriend lived in my same neighborhood but that’s beside the point the point is as a high standards  neighborhood its quiet nice I could live in here all my life to sum it up there’s is no other neighborhood I would rather reside at, the sights the urban life feeling and the practical essence, so to call it make it a gem amidst the city.  

martes, 21 de agosto de 2018

My Life or something like that...

Most personal stories begin with people describing the day they where born, if it was a rainy afternoon or if the sun was shining; if it was a warm summer day or a chilly winter night. In my case, I strongly believe such accounts are overrated. And if your reading this, you will surely think what could a 17 year old guy possibly say about life. Well, writing about ones life is quite a subjective matter, it couldn't be otherwise, and as such the interest or boredom that may awaken while reading will thus depend on the eyes of the reader. I sincerely hope I can awaken the latter one. 

If I could describe my life so far with one word, it would be: Diversity. Diversity because probably as with any life, theres been all kinds of moments, ranging from the bliss of a simple meal with my meal to the depths of sadness due to events I consider quite too personal to relate in this account. Diversity because since I was a little kid I find pleasure in vastly different areas: Basketball and Legos. My 2 hobbies and my 2 passions. As I grew up, I just found myself more in love with these 2. Later on life, I found myself in school, a place with mixed feelings for me. In all honesty, joy and interest in most classes, specially Science and Biology and most of all stress in mathematics. As any other teenager I consider I have quite a lot of friends; true friends only a couple. 
And as I enter my 11th grade I do feel some pressure mounting up as I yet do not know what I want to do in my life, but I believe there is still time to think and rushing into a decision is not the right call. 

Life is all about seizing the moment while keeping your future in check. Quite a serious quote for a 17 year you may think? Well that is me, can you blame me?